About us

Auto Ricambi can be summarized as a simple idea… “Car guys with a passion for the FIAT 124 Spider”.  Everyone at Auto Ricambi owns at least one 124, and some of us have several.  Together our skilled staff, with nearly 100 years of collective experience, brings a unique world perspective to this hobby turned into a business.  From racing to reproducing hard to find items, if it can be done with a FIAT 124 Spider, we have probably already done it and are pleased to share what we learned. 
We are the FIAT 124 Spider experts and our warehouse contains only the highest quality 124 Spider parts and accessories available anywhere in the world. Since our singular focus is on FIAT 124 Spiders, we can offer the attention to detail needed to serve our customers in a very unique way.  We love all cars and all FIATs but our passion is the 124 Spider.
Auto Ricambi was formed because we enjoy the cars, the people, and the challenge of satisfying a need in the classic FIAT community for specialized products and services.  Our commitment to you is to provide the best service and products available at a fair price.  We believe that our success comes from the fact that we listen and respond to our customers.  You are the only reason we are in business and we know that. 
We love to play with cars as much as you do and ours Spiders will continue to be testbeds for many of the products we offer at Auto Ricambi.  If we sell it, we have tried it and know it works.  Our talented staff has a broad scope of interests and skill sets.  We help each other with our projects and it gives us real-world experience to share with customers who are seeking resources for quality parts and knowledge. 
Auto Ricambi recently purchased our second 2017 FIAT 124 Spider which is being used as a test bed for many new upgrade products that will be offered in our growing line of 2017on FIAT 124 Spider merchandise. 
From styling accessories and suspension to exhaust, our new FIAT 124 Spider is one of the most highly developed new Spiders in the United States. The best part is that we regularly drive these cars to events where it is not uncommon to hand the keys over to someone who wants to experience it for themselves.
Auto Ricambi has grown by acquiring several businesses and inventories over the years.  A few of the recognized companies we have purchased include Rayce Inc, Caribou Imports and the FIAT assets of International Auto Parts.  Until that purchase, International Auto Parts was the largest FIAT parts supplier in the United States. 
We have also managed to acquire about a dozen other small independent retired dealership inventories providing many long unavailable items again. 
This active approach to the FIAT market has poised Auto Ricambi to be in a position to better serve our customers.  We are committed to keeping these wonderful cars on the road for many years to come.

The Staff

Ramzi is currently restoring a 1972 FIAT 124 Spider with all of the resto-mod updates one could imagine. Many of the products used on Ramzi’s Spider are tested and find their way into the inventory of Auto Ricambi. His new Spider will feature an Auto Ricambi exclusive Guy Croft spec 2.0L high compression motor as well as a custom fitted rack and pinion steering with big brakes and upgraded suspension. Like many of us, Ramzi also has other projects, a 1966 FIAT 124 Berlina Sedan with right hand drive that is likely earliest 124 example in the United States. Rounding out Ramzi’s stable of projects is a pair of rare 1939 FIAT 508c Torpedos which are currently being restored to a very high level. One will be a factory fresh civilian spec car while the other will be restored to the military spec vehicle often used by the Italian military during World War II.

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Csaba is in the final phases of the rolling restoration of his 1971 FIAT 124 Spider. All mechanical systems have been rebuilt, including a mild performance 2-liter engine, the car has been painted, and the interior redone. It often sports a restored Pininfarina hardtop. Csaba’s Spider has been converted to the larger brakes and rack and pinion steering from a 1985.5 Spider and features a 5-speed transmission with the longer 5th gear and a limited slip differential. Future projects include the addition of programmable fuel injection and improving the air conditioning to battle the Texas summers. Csaba offers a very analytical approach to problems that keeps the rest of us grounded and is an expert at so many things. There is likely nobody else in the United States that knows as much about the FIAT 124 Spider as Csaba. He is a humble guy so he would deny this but it is true, we see it practiced on a daily basis.  


Frank brings 40 years of automotive background, a majority of that with GM dealers, parts and service and a broad range of FIAT related experience to our team. Frank joined the world of FIAT in 2007 when he started at IAP. His role there was as the parts team supervisor which also included customer service and tech support. During his time at IAP he organized the Customer Appreciation Day attracting 80-90 cars per year. He is also very active in the DC FIAT club.

Frank can be counted on to be the expert on the phone to help you with that project you are working on. His many years of FIAT related experience makes him an asset to our team. 

Shortly after starting and searching all over the east coast Frank found his first FIAT 124 Spider, a one owner car in Positano yellow. Once purchased, he proceeded to bring it back to life with a complete suspension and brake system rebuild as well as interior, a new top, exhaust and cylinder head rebuild. In the fall of 2015 he purchased a1970 FIAT 124 Spider which is in the process of a complete rebuild, watch for updates. There is also a 2012 Abarth which is my wife’s daily driver.

Frank has been part of the Auto Ricambi team since 2015 and enjoys meeting new FIAT folks each day.

When you are amazed by our high level of service and fast shipping, AJ is the man behind the scenes who makes this happen. AJ is committed to ensuring that your orders are shipped properly and quickly. AJ also owns a FIAT 124 Spider that is currently being restored to a driver. Currently, he is building his first DOHC FIAT motor and also test fits many of our parts prior to retail sale.  AJ is a graduated high school recently and we like to think of him as the next gen FIAT expert. 

Our marketing and media expert, Brett, has owned his right hand drive Euro spec 1981 FIAT X1/9 for almost 30 years and is continually trying new things out and making updates. Currently, the 1.5 SOHC is running a high spec tune with a set of dual DCOE carburetors and a specially prepared head and crank fire ignition. He also recently acquired three low milage Spiders, a 1981 FIAT Spider Turbo, a 1985 Pininfarina with automatic and AC and an ultra rare, all original 1985.5 Pininfarina. All of these Spiders are very original with less than 55,000 original miles on them. His latest addition is an all original, one owner 1971 FIAT 124 Sport Coupe.

Brett also has experience with other brands and has a collection of cars ranging from the FIATs to classic Mustangs. He recently completed a wild 430 horsepower 1968 Mustang Fastback build that handles like a sports car with upgraded coil over suspension and four wheel disc brakes. Add to this his interest in old FJ40s and anything cool including a vintage 1954 Feathercraft boat. Most of Brett’s efforts these days are with his 2017 FIAT 124 Spider Abarth where his upgrades are put to the test during the FIAT on the Dragon event that he hosts each spring and fall.





As you can see, we are genuine car guys and absolutely love what we do. This attitude shows in the service and approach to how we do things at Auto Ricambi. One of our most favorite quotes around here is “Life is too short to drive boring cars.” This is why each member of the Auto Ricambi team owns at least one FIAT 124 Spider in addition to other interesting cars. We look forward to serving you and seeing you at the next FIAT event. Thank you for your continued business.